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Every RVer knows leveling matters. That's why we have designed the world's only permanent jack pad. RV SnapPads not only improve the look and feel of your rig, but eliminate all of your major leveling hassles.

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SnapPad Brochure

  • Tough - Made from sturdy recycled rubber and tested to withstand 10,000+ lbs. SnapPads won’t deform, crack or break under pressure.
  • Safe for all surfaces - Use on any surface without worrying about slippage or damage, including concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel, and mud.
  • Innovative design - SnapPads add an additional 36 sq/in to the 9” metal landing foot, bringing the surface area to 94 sq/in in total, a 61% increase.
  • Traps Dirt - Keeps RV interior cleaner
  • More storage space - No more stacks of dirty, wet blocks to store anymore.
  • Environmentally responsible - Made from 100% recycled tires, SnapPads keep used rubber out of landfills.
  • Aesthetics - Gives any motorhome, fifth wheel, toy hauler, or trailer a clean, professional look.
  • Protects - Rubber SnapPads eliminate rust and protects metal feet from damage caused by rocks and gravel.
  • Scientifically tested - Independently tested, SnapPads are proven to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from +130 °C to -40 °C. They are also vertically shake tested at over 100 times the force of gravity.
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